Archive of the Czech and Slovak film music

Archive should serve as the repository of digital forms of unreleased or unavailable today audio film music. On these pages you will find only the information about the archive and its contents. You cannot buy or download anything. We provide musical material to interested parties only under certain conditions.

Behind the archive project is a group of Czech and Slovak film music fans associate around the website and discussion club about film music on the Lopuch server.

The main organizers of the project are Ondřej Zicha ( and Michal Ulvr.


2020-06-08 - News and catalog update - May 2020

Almost two years ago, we informed you (among other things) about the digitization of the tapes as a remnant from the archive of the Studio KF (Short Film) as well as several musical tracks for the movie.


2018-10-25 - News and catalog update - October 2018

After more than 2 years, we are again bringing news about the newly found/digitized titles of Czech film music.


2016-02-27 - News and catalog update - February 2016

We have  new information about the Czech film music we found. We managed to trace partial archives or at least a few titles of several Czech composers.