Archive of the Czech and Slovak film music

Our job is to search for the unreleased Czech and Slovak film music, this music digitize, back up and catalogued and access the informations about the availability and status of individual recordings, to help in the future with its study or even the official release.

The material and the informations will be placed in the archive only with the consent of all the owners of the rights, and will not be treated differently than how they define our archive rules. The project is completely non-commercial and does not serve to our enrichment, leaving aside the cultural enrichment.

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2018-10-25 - News and catalog update - October 2018

After more than 2 years, we are again bringing news about the newly found/digitized titles of Czech film music.


2016-02-27 - News and catalog update - February 2016

We have  new information about the Czech film music we found. We managed to trace partial archives or at least a few titles of several Czech composers.


2015-03-10 - News from Archive and catalog update

We were asking from November 2014 (directly or indirectly) composers respectively their heirs, which we managed to get the contact, to find out the status of potential collections of recordings of Czech film music. So far we have approached about 39 composers and already we have received 22 replies, mostly very positive.