Archive of the Czech and Slovak film music

Our job is to search for the unreleased Czech and Slovak film music, this music digitize, back up and catalogued and access the informations about the availability and status of individual recordings, to help in the future with its study or even the official release.

The material and the informations will be placed in the archive only with the consent of all the owners of the rights, and will not be treated differently than how they define our archive rules. The project is completely non-commercial and does not serve to our enrichment, leaving aside the cultural enrichment.

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2021-11-18 - News from Archive (November 2021)

In November 2021, we finally added to the Archive database the found titles of composer Václav Zahradník. I would like to thank Jakub Zahradník (son of the composer V. Zahradník), who provided me with the information. The original media are studio tapes, however, Mr. J. Zahradník has already transfered them to CDs.


2021-10-05 - News from Archive (October 2021)

After a more then 1 year, we bring you new information about our progress. First of all, I would like to inform you that we have completed the transfers of tapes from the archive of composer Jiří Václav. Some of them have already been included in our database, some are waiting to be identified, where we cooperate with J. Václav's family.


2020-06-08 - News and catalog update - May 2020

Almost two years ago, we informed you (among other things) about the digitization of the tapes as a remnant from the archive of the Studio KF (Short Film) as well as several musical tracks for the movie.