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Studer A80 / E-MU 0404 USB

Transfer music from old tapes is not easy. It took us a year, before we found out what actually we need to ask. The next year, we were looking for people willing to help us with the transfer. And for the next few years, we have only a relatively small number of transferred records. It was necessary to go to radical action.

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That was the purchase of a professional studio tape recorder Studer A80, year of manufacture 1981, newly reconditioned and tuned, for 600 EUR and the semi-professional external sound card, E-MU USB 04040, for 170 EUR.

Leaving aside the difficulties in transportation (weight unit of 80 kg, fortunately, went partially disassembled), learn how to play the tape on the machine was relatively simple. The recorder includes perhaps the only two buttons that do not crease, and 1) editing scissors, which clip the tape, and 2) if you press Play and Record simultaneously, you will erase the tape, both can be avoided quite easily. Also, I was assured that this machine is impossible to destroy. After dozens of trials with "less" important composers and performers (Smetana, etc.), which I loaned to the destruction testing, I finally presume on the archival tape with film music.

For the inconsiderable assistance to fellow colegue KermitX (could be told that he did everything) and equally valuable advices from Mr. JS we managed to connect a tape recorder with a sound card and with a potentiometer to control the output voltage level of the tape.

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Now, therefore is nothing in the way to be able to convert/transfer a tape with film music in home conditions. I have to humbly say that the first transfers sounds absolutely perfectly to me. On the other hand, it would still want expert opinion of someone who has a musical ear.


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